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Policies & Procedures

Rental Terms



Per the City, occupancy is defined as the number of guests allowed on the premises at any time, not just sleeping over, and may not exceed the allowed amount as stated on the web site. Children ages 3 and younger are excluded from the occupancy limit for some homes, however the new City occupacy rules, DO include occupants of all ages.  Guest agrees to provide the names and approximate ages of all guests, including ages of children 3 and younger so the City may audit these terms at any given time. Minimum age requirement is 25 years of age and may require an additional refundable deposit. No large parties or gatherings allowed that would violate the occupancy limits as this overoccupancy can results in revocation of the vacation rental license.  Therefore, violating this term will result in immediate eviction and a minimum fine of $500.


Per the City, the number of cars allowed may not exceed the stated amount on the web site. All vehicles must park in the designated parking on the premises. No parking is allowed on the street on or near the rented premises per the City of Seaside vacation dwelling rules. Since parking configurations vary, if you have an over-sized vehicle or any questions about parking, please ask in advance.


No smoking inside ANY property; most condominiums do not allow smoking on balconies or in common areas. You will be assessed a minimum $200 fine if it is determined that you have smoked inside your unit.

PETS Pets allowed only at pet friendly locations with permission and pet fee. Pet fees are NOT refundable deposits. Pets are not to be left unattended in the property and must be supervised at all times. If there is evidence of a pet in a non-pet friendly home, you will be charged a minimum $150 pet fee, plus any additional cleaning, including carpets and/or pet damage. People with allergies may be coming in after you so please respect the non-pet homeowners policy.


Motor homes are NOT allowed at vacation rentals, however, there are RV parks available in Seaside and Gearhart. Lodging inside an RV on a City street is strictly prohibited by City ordinance. Tents are not allowed on vacation rental properties per the City of Seaside.


If you have a boat, you must receive permission in advance to bring as the parking requirements need to be adhered to and may limit your selection of homes based on the size of your boat. Condominiums have NO parking for boats.


Applicable lodging taxes will be added to the rents.  Taxes subject to change without notice and the cost added to the reservation for if there is a lodging tax rate change.



Check in time is at 4:00 pm and check out time is 11:00 am. Guest agrees to depart on time and acknowledges a late check-out fee of $25 will be charged if you depart later than 11:00 am, and $25 for every hour after until you have vacated. In the off-season, special arrangements for late check outs free of charge must be made in advance.


Guest agrees to:

Treat your accommodations in a reasonable manner and return the property in same condition as received, ordinary wear and tear excepted and to assume all liability for, and to hold Owner/Agent harmless from all damages to any property or any injury to any person in, or about the premises, and all costs, including attorney fees in the defense thereof, caused by the negligence or willful acts/and or illegal acts of Guest or Guest’s visitors Maintain the premise in a clean and sanitary condition during their stay and to keep doors locked at all times when not in the property Be responsible for any damage to, or theft of, owner’s property or equipment, and acknowledge that charges will be charged at replacement cost. Damages not only cost you money, but inconveniences future guests. Acknowledge that this is a coastal property and the Guest assumes all risk of danger from the surf, river, tides, rolling logs, beach debris, storm, winds and the like, which the Guest may encounter while using the recreational facilities on the North Oregon Coast. Not violate any City ordinance or State law in or about the premises including the occupancy, noise, and parking restrictions. Follow the City of Seaside vacation rental “Good Neighbor Rules” (which essentially state that guests shall be considerate of residents living around them and to treat your neighbors the way you would like to be treated if you lived next door), including the noise ordinance which states no loud talking or noise before 8:30 am and after 10:00 pm. Bring beach towels and beach blankets for use at the beach. Bath towels and bed blankets need to stay in the home. Burn only Presto logs in fireplaces where burning is permitted. Report any malfunctions. Every effort is made to ensure that everything is in working order prior to your arrival. However, as in any home, things do break or become inoperable without notice, even though sometimes, they are new. We will make every reasonable attempt to restore/repair/replace the problem during your stay. Please keep in mind that for nights and weekends, it may be more difficult as these are individually owned homes (not a hotel with 24 hour staff on premises). Please advise the office if anything is out of order or broken upon arrival, not at departure, or later.  You will be provided with an initial supply of paper products and some hotel toiletries (toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, lotion)  as a courtesy.  Additional supplies are not included except we do ask you to notify us if you run out of trash bags, or need maintenance, if for example, a light bulb burns out, or a smoke detector is chirping.  Owners typically do not provide Kleenex, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, spices, etc.  Although some homes may have some of these additional supplies on hand, they are not necessarily provided for.


Deposit and cleaning fee are due with a credit card at the time of booking. The balance is due 90 days prior to arrival. Checks will not be accepted for last minute arrivals, or reservations arriving within 1-45 days. If your reservation is made 45 days prior to arrival, payments must be made by credit card. If you have an additional refundable deposit, the refundable portion of your deposit will be returned within 21 days of your departure providing you leave the property in good condition and follow the check out procedures. Cleaning fees are NOT refundable deposits.


CHECK IN AT OUR OFFICE  (Even after Hours)

Our office is located at 800 North Roosevelt Drive . We are on the west side of Hwy 101 directly across from the NIKE OUTLET STORE, and adjacent to GLASCO between 7 th and 9 th Avenues . If driving north on Hwy 101, turn left on 9 th Ave, and then left onto the gravel driveway. If you are driving south on Hwy 101, just turn right on 9 th Ave, then left onto the driveway. If you are checking in to the Worldmark Resort or Gearhart by the Sea, please call for check in instructions. Your lock box code will be emailed with your invoice after final payment is received. Please remember to bring the paperwork and lock box code with you!


Load and run the dishwasher or if no dishwasher is available, wash, dry and put away the dishes. Put furniture back in its proper place. Start laundry and keep in process. Do NOT make any beds. We expect to find some laundry done, some in the washer/dryer, and we will pick up where you left off. (Homes/condo’s without washer/dryers in the units are exempt from starting laundry).  You will only be charged for extra cleaning time if laundry keeps housekeepers in excess of their standard cleaning time, so please don’t leave a mountain of laundry, or a pile of dirty dishes. Excess laundry or dirty dishes could incur extra housekeeping fees and inconvenience the next Guests. Return all keys checked out. If keys are missing, you will be charged for re-keying the home. You are responsible for your own personal property and we encourage you to take an additional minute during check out to make sure you have retrieved all your personal belongings.


There is a minimum $50 cancellation charge incurred on any cancelled reservation. If your cancellation is made less than 60 days prior to arrival, all pre-paid deposits and cleaning fees are forfeited. If cancellation is less than 30 days prior to arrival, the rent and taxes are forfeited, but any refundable deposits such as pet deposits, and cleaning fees are refundable. If we are able to re-rent all or any portion of the Guests forfeited rent reservation, we will refund the Guests proportionate rent, less a $100 processing fee. The minimum $50 cancellation fee is waived in the event the Guest incurs rent forfeiture, or a deposit and fee forfeiture. In other words, the minimum $50 cancellation fee is NOT in addition to any other cancellation fee, but is a minimum fee. Beachhouse Vacation Rentals, Inc reserves the same right to cancel as afforded to the guest. Please, make sure the accommodations you are reserving are the accommodations you desire. We recommend any specialty items needed be brought with you, or inquire as to specific items, questions, or concerns. There are different levels of amenities in the various rentals available. Should you desire not to rent the accommodations after your arrival for your entire reservation period, or any portion thereof, there will be no refund, no exceptions, unless under the above cancellation policy, we can re-rent a portion thereof, then the appropriate rent/tax refund would be available as stated above.

We reserve the right to make corrections to any errors or omissions due to human or computer error.

*These Terms and Conditions are COPYRIGHTED and can not be copied, reproduced nor used anywhere else outside this website without the owners permission.  REV2014JUL